Client: Lincoln Electric

Architect: Middough and Associates

Aggregate Construction Value: $11 million

Location: Euclid, Ohio

Highlights Include:

  • As design-builder, provided management direction to our architectural and engineering consultants.
  • Completed simultaneous construction of multiple projects at the Lincoln Euclid Campus. Projects included: Plant #3 East – Dock Modifications, Plant #1 Renovations & Press Pit Installation, Site Storm Utility reconstruction, and Fuel Containment Area.
  • The Plant #3 project included the restoration, renovation, and addition to the existing loading docks and the area surrounding.  All this work took place in an existing facility that soon became the main distribution center for Lincoln Electric.
  • Plant #1 renovations included the installation of a press pit foundation as part of the overall plant improvements.
  • Panzica Construction self-performed the demolition, concrete and carpentry activities.
  • Pavement and Fuel Containment Project involving the removal and replacement of approximately 42,000 SF of concrete pavement.
  • We incorporated truck containment ramps inclusive of the required storm drainage and spill containment valves required for Lincoln Electric fuel “off-loading” areas.
  • In addition, Convault Fuel Containment Storage Tanks were installed within the new containment areas.


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