Client: W.W. Grainger

Architect: Middough Associates Inc.

Construction Value: $13.2 million

Location: Macedonia, Ohio

Highlights Include:

  • A 120,000-SF warehouse and 30,000-SF, two-story office addition.
  • Steel and precast concrete structure featuring a 30-ft clear height and nearly 2,000 ft of conventional manual-pick forklift racking system, supported by 43 new loading docks.
  • Nearly 10,000 cubic yards of concrete placement.
  • Achieved a final verified floor flatness measurement of FF 66.
  • During Phase II, renovated warehouse to accommodate the new racking and bin system featured in the addition, linking more than 450,000 ft of conveyor belt throughout the facility, bringing the total square footage to more than 250,000 SF.