Client: Oberlin College

Architect:  Multiple Architects: URS Consultants, Clark and Post Architects, WRL Architects

Aggregated Construction Value: $22.1 million

Location: Oberlin, Ohio

Highlights include:

  • Performed campus wide improvements through the summer while student/campus activities are at a minimum.
  • Panzica had both roles of program manager and construction manager for multiple projects throughout the campus.
  • Assigned a dedicated team of its own in-house professionals to oversee and manage the complexities of such a fast-track engagement.
  • Careful monitoring of cost and schedule was accomplished by our senior project manager who conducted daily morning briefings with the entire team.
  • Summer projects were completed 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and Panzica will be working the summer of 2013 as well.